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【We provide 3D data creation service】
The 3D simulation by "Pattern Magic II 3D", which enables accurate 3D expression, contributes to reduction of lead time and cost reduction by using it as a substitute for toiles and samples.In addition, various fabric expressions are possible by linking with other 3DCG software.
*"PATTERN MAGIC" is a trademark and registered trademark of Toray ACS, Inc.
  1. Create 3D data from your pattern data (solid)
  2. Reflect the color scheme, etc. in the 3D data
  3. Create 3D data of patterns to be sold on this site
【Our 3D simulation】
Accurate pattern data backed by knowledge and technology is essential for creating beautiful 3D models.
We can consistently create from pattern data to 3D models.
We also accept 3D model creation from customer's pattern data.​
Set the sewing information in the pattern data.
This is a task that requires knowledge of patterns and sewing.​
Parts placement is well-balanced by arranging the center and shoulder lines correctly, just like when creating an actual toile.​
Sew the placed parts on the body.​
* The video speed was changed for the website.
The 3D model created with "Pattern Magic II 3D" allows for a variety of fabric expressions by linking with other 3DCG software.
The image above is an example using "KeyShot".
*"KeyShot" is a trademark and registered trademark of Luxion Inc.
You can quickly create variations of just the collar and quickly create patterns.
【Items with 3D toile images】