This product is the pattern data of [TW171] (digital product)

The following 3 files will be downloaded.


  1. Pattern data (DXF file)
  2. Parts list (Japanese only / PDF file)
  3. Sewing specifications (Japanese only / PDF file)


  • 【 About this pattern】

    ・Women's dress



  • 【Size of the paper pattern】

    ・CB length:120cm

    ・Shoulder length:38cm




  • 【Precautions for use】

    The product that can be downloaded is "pattern data". Please note that the photos shown are samples of silhouettes, and the finish of the product may differ depending on the fabric used by the customer.


    The size shown is the size of the paper pattern. Please note that the size of the product made with this pattern differs from the pattern size due to factors such as the fabric used, the finishing method, the amount of down and batting, sewing shrinkage, and sewing elongation.


    The pattern data is DXF-converted from the data created by Toray CREACOMPO. It may not be opened correctly with CAD other than Toray CREACOMPO.


    Sewing specifications are available in Japanese only.