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【About this web site】

  1. You can purchase about 200 digital sewing patterns that was originally developed based on the latest fashion trends and market information.

  2. You can download and use it immediately after completing the payment.

  3. All digital patterns that you purchased are allowed for commercial use.

  4. Only digital patterns are sold.

  5. ​Usage scene is here.

Usage flow

1. ​Find the digital patterns you want

  1. Please select Digital Patterns from the menu.

  2. Select a department in the filter settings.

  3. Select a product to move to the details page.

  4. You can also search by keyword.

2. Check design and size

  1. You can enlarge the image to check the design and specifications.

  2. Please check the size of the pattern. If it is not the size you want, you can also request another size.

  3. Please check the notes.

We recommend that you check in advance whether the pattern data on this site can be opened correctly with your CAD. Please use the sample data for testing distributed free of charge.

  4. The list price includes tax.

  5. Add to cart and proceed with payment.

3. Payment

  1. We only take credit card payments.

We accept VISA, Master Card.

  2. Please check "Terms of service" "​Privacy policy"

and "Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law" to click "Place Order"

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  3. If you have a coupon, please enter the coupon code.

4. Download

  1. ​Click the "Download" button on the purchase completion screen to download.

  2. ​When the payment is completed, a confirmation email will be sent automatically, so you can also download it from the "Download" button in the email.

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We accept VISA, Master Card

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